Too Soon, Too Late
Jason Dunne | Sarah Wilson | Jennifer Kidd | Paul Hallahan
Jonathon Carroll (Curator)

Mart Project Space, 46 Lower Rathmines Road
Opening Thursday June 25th from 5pm - Monday June 29th 2015

26th - 29th June 2015

“This growing isolation and self-containment, exhibited by the other members of the unit . . ., reminded Kerans of the slackening metabolism and biological withdrawal of all animal forms about to undergo a major metamorphosis. Sometimes he wondered what zone of transit he himself was entering, sure that his own withdrawal was symptomatic not of a dormant schizophrenia, but of a careful preparation for a radically new environment, with its own internal landscape and logic, where old categories of thought would merely be an encumbrance.” JG Ballard, The Drowned World, (1962).

Too Soon, Too Late features the work of four artists, the first occupants of Mart’s new Project Space. The artists, Jason Dunne, Paul Hallahan, Jennifer Kidd and Sarah Wilson were paired with curator, Jonathan Carroll. The artists were given the new space, a large whitewashed room lit by a central skylight, to use as temporary studios and were offered the opportunity to collaborate on an exhibition or event after an ‘incubation’ period of two months. Too Soon, Too Late functions as an invitation to the public to glimpse some of the work the artists developed over this period and gives an insight into how a particular environment and situation can influence ones work.

Initially, the artists took a corner of the room each, but gradually and tentatively works began to overlap and reach out to each other. Similarities in the work became obvious, for instance, anthropomorphic transformations appeared in each artist’s particular hermetic worlds. A paterfamilias was then added to the mix, in the form of a curator (Jonathan Carroll). Jonathan worked, through discussion and debate, to try to understand the artists various languages and ways of visualising ideas. Being in the space with the artists made one wonder at the unique environments they were building. This exhibition is the result of their powwows . The title Too Soon, Too Late, taken from Ballard’s The Drowned World, could refer to the question (which often torments artists) ‘When is an artwork ready to leave the studio for exhibition?’ However, in this case, the studio and gallery are one. The doors just needed to be opened to the visitors. Now it is your turn, as visitor, to enter a new environment with its own internal landscape and logic. As a sample of the imagined fears and creative output that result from these fears, is a quote from a work of one of the artists in the exhibition, Jason Dunne, who will also provide some sculptural objects of equal gothic horror. Enjoy.

“The man suffers from chronic night-terrors and bouts of sleep-paralysis, during which he sometimes believes that malicious spectres are slowly latching themselves on to the sensitive tissue of his back. He had confided in Eimear that he would spend nights struggling with the trauma that his own spine was in fact his enemy, conspiring against him and threatening paralysis.” Jason Dunne, An Egg in the Sky, (2013).